About Us


Let us empower you.

What We Do
At Taco Bun Bun, we aim to provide digital solutions intended to benefit a wider range of people in order to solve problems that are often overlooked or de-prioritized.
  • Help small businesses form and grow their digital footprint.
  • Empower our clients to maintain their digital presence on their own.
  • Enable clients to set a new bar for themselves by leveling up their competition.

our Core Team

Nicole Singletary
Founder, Software Engineer w/ UX Focus
Asad Haider
UX Researcher & Designer
Erick Urbina
UX Designer, Spanish Content Creator
Taco Cake
Adorable Mascot

our Side Projects

Breakfast Included: Building a Travel Platform for Diverse Perspectives

Breakfast Included is a travel blog and resources website, aimed at pooling and distributing travel advice from different perspectives to cater to those who don't often see themselves in travel promos.
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Shout Your Aggie Pride

"Shout Your Aggie Pride" was created as an interactive feature for the singletaryscholarship.com website.
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