6 Free CSS Design Pattern Generators to Level Up Your Web Designs

Check out these pattern generators in order to add enticing background patterns to your website design.

Background patterns in web design can be a great way to add creativity to your site, serving as a way to break up the monotony of a solid background.

Socialist uses an icon pattern to designate certain page sections.

Check out the pattern generators listed below to add background patterns to your website design.

Magic Pattern

Magic Pattern offers a variety of patterns that allow you to customize the foreground and background colors, along with the opacity and spacing of the pattern.

Visit CSS Background Patterns by MagicPattern

Hero Patterns

My go-to CSS background generator is Hero Patterns because of the number of unique patterns you have to choose from and customize.

Visit Hero Patterns

SVG Backgrounds

SVG Backgrounds allows you to choose a customize your own background from a number of their pre-generated ones. When you’re finished, you can grab the CSS, SVG, or Illustrator file to use in your projects.

Visit SVG Backgrounds


Patternico allows you to create background patterns with icons and custom images.

Visit Patternico

Cool Backgrounds

With preselected designs, Cool Backgrounds allows you to create a CSS background with your chosen color palette. Check out the Particles design. It’s animated!

Visit Cool Backgrounds


Patternpad has some pretty cool geometric designs to choose from. You can then customize the foreground and background colors, as well as the number of columns and rows for the pattern’s grid.

Don’t forget to buy them coffee if you use their generator! :)

Visit PatternPad

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