Behind the Scenes of a Pharmaceutical Rebrand: Backend Development and Data

We supported backend development and data migration tasks for a pharmaceutical rebrand website, ensuring data accuracy for a new product directory (including related distributors and companies) on a tight deadline.

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From Legacy to New Rebrand

A leading pharmaceutical company within a larger healthcare conglomerate underwent a significant rebranding. This strategic move emphasizes their commitment to research and development, solidifying their position as a frontrunner in innovative healthcare solutions.

Project Details

Role: Senior Software Engineer

Cross Functional Team: Frontend and Backend Software Engineers (6), QA Engineers (2), Product Managers (2)

Timeline: 6 months



Backend Development: Customized the CMS to improve editorial workflow and supported Front-End developers using the MVVM paradigm for content modeling.

Data Management and Integrity: Supported migration efforts and created scripts to handle last minute oversights in porting over significant data.

2. Problem Solving and Adaptability

Tight Deadlines: Successfully pivoted focus to streamline the migration and site design of highly important medical data a week before the scheduled launch date.

Leadership: Assumed additional responsibilities during a critical project phase, ensuring smooth backend development and data management for the launch.

Business Impact

This project contributed to the rebranded company's strategic shift towards innovation by ensuring a user-friendly product directory with accurate information.  Clean data management minimizes potential errors and streamlines internal processes, ultimately enhancing their brand image and potentially increasing user engagement.

User Impact

By ensuring a well-organized and accurate product directory on the rebranded website, this project empowered users with a more efficient product discovery experience. This can translate to increased user satisfaction and potentially lead to better brand perception.  Clean data management also minimizes the risk of misleading information, fostering user trust and potentially improving overall user experience.

Behind the Scenes of a Pharmaceutical Rebrand: Backend Development and Data
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