Building an Inclusive Medical Web: Enhanced Structured Data & Diverse Images

We empowered editors of an educational medical library website (built on Brightspot CMS) to integrate rich medical schema markup and automate VisualDx image ingestion, fostering inclusivity in healthcare education by enabling diverse medical image representation.

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Promoting Representation in Medical Illustrations

The website is part of an initiative that aims to increase diversity and representation in medical illustrations. Currently, the vast majority of medical illustrations depict lighter skin tones.

Consider the following statistics:

  • Less than 5% of medical images show dark skin
  • Only 8% of medical illustrators identify as people of color
  • 31 day higher life expectancy among Black individuals associated with every 10% increase in black primary care provider representation at the county level (USA).

As a growing medical resource, the goal of this website is to improve medical education for future healthcare providers by ensuring they have exposure to a wider range of skin tones when learning about different medical conditions.

Project Details

Role: Senior Software Engineer


Enhanced SEO with Medical Condition Structured Data: Strategized and implemented a CMS feature that allows editors to integrate rich medical data alongside content, improving information organization and searchability.

Scheduled VisualDx Image Ingestion via API: Developed backend logic to automatically import image data from VisualDx at set intervals, thus streamlining the editorial process and ensuring a steady flow of diverse medical images.

Enhanced Information Architecture: Implemented a system using the VisualDx API to automatically add relevant diagnosis tags to imported images. This enabled efficient data retrieval and improved the overall information architecture of the system.

Business Impact

Editors working within the CMS are able to accomplish their goals with ease due to the integration of automated processes, enhanced SEO, and improved information architecture from the CMS side. We were able to directly address the core goal of the website's initiative by improving the editorial workflow to provide images featuring a wider range of skin tones.

User Impact

Our contribution enables editors to easily represent diverse patient populations within their content. As a result, this leads to a more inclusive learning experience for future healthcare providers.

Building an Inclusive Medical Web: Enhanced Structured Data & Diverse Images
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Our Process

We use a methodical design process along with continuous collaboration to ensure that every decision we make aims to solve the original problem and accomplish the goals we discussed during our intial consultation.




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