Empowering Patients with Family Health Information

We analyzed our client's user needs and strategized the implementation plan for a new patient health information management feature for a site dedicated to communities of color.

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This website specifically caters to communities of color, empowering them to take charge of their health information. They offer tools and resources such as family medical history tracking, aimed at closing the health equity gap and fostering better communication between patients of color and healthcare providers.

Project Details

Role: Senior Software Engineer


Laid the Groundwork for a Patient-Empowering Feature: Analyzed user needs for the Family Tree feature and developed the implementation plan while prioritizing patient privacy by strategizing how to prevent any data from being saved within the system.

Agile Principles for Efficiency: Developed a strategic implementation plan for the Family Tree feature, considering agile principles to ensure efficient development and potential bottleneck prevention.

Business Impact

The Family Tree feature empowers communities of color to be more proactive in their healthcare. By providing a tool to print and share family health information with doctors, this feature can potentially lead to more informed healthcare decisions and improved patient outcomes. Furthermore, it contributes to closing the health equity gap by addressing the specific needs of these communities.

User Impact

The Family Tree feature empowers users, especially in communities of color, to become active partners in their health journey.  It simplifies family medical history tracking, enabling them to  confidently share this crucial information with doctors during appointments. This fosters informed communication and potentially leads to improved health outcomes.  Moreover, the emphasis on data privacy through not saving any information within the system builds user trust, encouraging them to confidently utilize this valuable health management tool.

Empowering Patients with Family Health Information
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Our Process

We use a methodical design process along with continuous collaboration to ensure that every decision we make aims to solve the original problem and accomplish the goals we discussed during our intial consultation.




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