Semper Fi Power Washing: Building a Web Presence to Attract New Customers

We helped Semper Fi Power Washing level-up their online presence in order to gain more leads and showcase their impact on the local residential community in Southern Maryland.

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The FB page has gotten me more clients already!

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Meet Brian

Brian owns the successful power washing company, Semper Fi Power Washing, which serves Southern MD.

As a veteran, Brian knows all to well about what it means to provide a superior and reliable service to his local community.

The Problem

Brian wanted potential clients to discover Semper Fi Power Washing outside of just word of mouth. In addition, he needed a way to maintain his digital presence as a non-tech savvy user.

The Goal

The goal was to expand the company's online presence to get more leads while providing resources to the client to that they can maintain their digital presence on their own.

Business Impact

Brian is now empowered to maintain his digital presence due to the following:

  • A simple WYSIWIG, Framer, to make updates to his website, without hiring a web expert.
  • The ability to represent is brand on major platforms to increase his SEO ranking and gain new and continuing clients.
  • A central place for his clients to view his work and reach out to him.
  • Tailored How-To videos on how to work with various technologies.

User Impact

At the completion of the project, Semper Fi Power Washing's target users are able to do the following:

  • Research and discover Semper Fi Power Washing outside of Facebook, via a Google Business search or their new website.
  • Connect with Semper Fi Power Washing on Facebook after discovering the company via their new website.
  • Chat with Brian directly from the new website.
  • Review glowing testimonials from the new Facebook page, Google, and the new website.

Nikki was great to work with. Highly recommend!!

Semper Fi Power Washing: Building a Web Presence to Attract New Customers
How Might We...
Attract more customers to Semper Fi Power Washing outside of just “word of mouth”?

Our Process

We use a methodical design process along with continuous collaboration to ensure that every decision we make aims to solve the original problem and accomplish the goals we discussed during our intial consultation.


Competitive Analysis

We performed a competitive analysis by reviewing the online presence of direct and indirect competitors to gain the following insights:

  • Which social platforms are businesses of this nature using?
  • What’s consistent among each website?
  • Which are the highest ranking businesses in the Southern Maryland area and why?
  • What type of Facebook Ads are running for businesses from this category?


We created Proto-Personas, which are ad-hoc personas based on the stakeholder assumptions and the target audience in order to quickly begin design work.

Persona #1: Jane is an empty nester who manages the upkeep of her home. She’s often on Facebook to keep in touch with her children. She sees your Facebook ad and is reminded that she needs her house cleaned to avoid an HOA penalty.

Persona #2: Rob is a tech savy bachelor who maintains mulltiple properties. His previous go-to guy just retired, so now he’s looking for a new powerwashing business to work with long-term. He finds your website and facebook page from a Google search.


We created a space to grow and showcase your already successful business to increase the speed of gaining new clients.

Product Goals

  • Get More Leads - Every decision we made was towards the primary goal of getting more leads for Semper Fi Power Washing.
  • Increase Visibility - We’ve made sure that users looking for power washing services in Southern MD have a way to get to the website, even if they’ve never heard of Semper Fi Power Washing before.
  • Track Accomplishments - The owner now has multiple ways of providing a glimpse into their services and their superb customer satisfaction.

Design Principles

  • Ease of Use - Users should be able to find the information they need upfront and center.
  • User Centric - What do people want to do when they visit your website? What do they need to know before booking your services?

Branding Refinements

Semper Fi Power Washing already had branding, however, I was unable to obtain the hex values for the colors or any of the typography details.

I refined the brand by specifying primary and secondary colors, and established the typography.

Custom Interactive

Brian asked for a custom interactive that allows you to use a slider to see the before and after images of his work.


Create a new logo or keep the existing logo?

We informed Brian about the issues with the design of his logo, however he was not interested in changing it. Therefore we moved forward with the current logo and improvised on typography and defining the hex values for the colors.
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Refined Color Palette
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Nicole Singletary
Nicole Singletary
Founder, Software Engineer w/ UX Focus
Erick Urbina
Erick Urbina
UX Designer, Spanish Content Creator


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