Unlocking Scalability: Legacy-to-Modern CMS Migration for Healthcare Leader

We participated in the crucial task of migrating a complex and highly visible pharmaceutical website from a legacy content management system (CMS) to a newer, more modern one. This modernization likely aimed to improve scalability, security, content management efficiency, and user experience.

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This multinational website serves as a hub for information about the company's mission, commitment to healthcare innovation, and its various sectors. Catering to a broad audience, this vital resource provides information for investors, highlights the company's social impact, and showcases their innovative medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

The wealth of content you can find on the site includes, detailed descriptions of the company's business segments (pharmaceuticals and medical devices), leadership team information, press releases, and their approach to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.

Project Details

Role: Senior Software Engineer

Cross Functional Team: Frontend and Backend Software Engineers (6), QA Engineers (2), Product Managers (2)

Timeline: 3 months


1. Technical Expertise

CMS Migration Logic: Shared ownership of the development of migration logic to move content from legacy CMS to the new system.

Data Integrity and Refinement: Conducted strict analysis of the migrated data in order to identify and fix data integrity issues throughout the migration process.

Ad-hoc Scripting: Created and ran ad-hoc scripts within the Brightspot CMS, utilizing lean software development to solve one-off issues and maintain the quality of the data.

2. Collaboration and Process Improvement

Content Modeling for Design: Collaborated with the design team to ensure migrated content supported the new website's design.

Editorial Process Improvement: Ensured content modeling was cohesive and intuitive for the editor by suggesting ways to improve editorial workflows and improve efficiency.

3. Additional Backend Development

Legal Disclaimer Logic: Strategized and owned the implementation the backend logic for the legal disclaimer on external links by understanding the editorial flow to enable the disclaimer as well as the user flow when interacting with the disclaimer.

Business Impact

Modernizing the CMS infrastructure of a leading healthcare organization allows for greater scalability and flexibility. This translates to the ability to handle increased website traffic, integrate new features seamlessly, and adapt to evolving user needs. This translates to cost savings in the long run and a more future-proof digital presence for the healthcare leader.

User Impact

A modern CMS enables the creation of a more dynamic and user-friendly website for healthcare information seekers. This could involve faster loading times, improved search functionality, and a more intuitive user interface.  These improvements enhance the user experience, potentially leading to increased engagement and better access to valuable healthcare information.

Unlocking Scalability: Legacy-to-Modern CMS Migration for Healthcare Leader
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Our Process

We use a methodical design process along with continuous collaboration to ensure that every decision we make aims to solve the original problem and accomplish the goals we discussed during our intial consultation.




We informed Brian about the issues with the design of his logo, however he was not interested in changing it. Therefore we moved forward with the current logo and improvised on typography and defining the hex values for the colors.
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Nicole Singletary
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